General Fare
Single Ride… $1.50
Day Pass… . $4.00

Reduced Fare*
Single Ride… $0.75
Day Pass… $2.00

Children under 45″
Seniors 75 and older
Transfers from Gold Coast Transit

Pack of 25 Tokens… $30

*Free and Reduced fare with valid ID only.

Reduced and Free Fare Eligibility

The Ojai Trolley Service offers free or discounted fares to small children, seniors, Medicare recipients and persons with disabilities.  When boarding the trolley, you must show the driver the correct type of ID to receive a free or reduced fare.

  • Senior: Proof of Age
  • Senior 75+: Proof of Age or Gold Coast Transit 75+ ID card
  • Medicare Recipient: Medicare card
  • Persons with Disabilities: Gold Coast Transit Reduced Fare ID Card or ADA ID

For assistance with obtaining a Gold Coast Transit Reduced Fare ID card contact the trolley supervisor here or by calling  (805) 272-3883.