Who should get involved in the General Plan Update?

Our goal is to reach out to the entire community and strive for 100% participation in the General Plan Update. The best way to learn about events and activities is by signing up for email updates.

Throughout the process, the City will host a variety of community engagement activities, including:

  • Community workshops, either virtual or in person
  • “Pop-up” events
  • Small group meetings
  • Online surveys
  • Meetings with stakeholder groups
  • Commission study sessions
  • City Council hearings

Due to COVID, the preliminary activities will be “virtual” or will involve minimum contact. We hope that later events can be held in person.

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1. What is a General Plan?
2. What topics will this General Plan Update cover?
3. Why is the City of Ojai updating its General Plan?
4. How long will the planning process take?
5. Who should get involved in the General Plan Update?
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