Ojai CalloutThe City of Ojai is set in a valley on the edge of the Los Padres National Forest, approximately 12 miles north of the City of Ventura and the Pacific Ocean. At approximately 4 square miles and a population of 7,400 people, Ojai is the smallest city in Ventura County Ojai is located about 80 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles and 35 miles east of Santa Barbara. 

It is enriched by downtown’s expansive Libbey Park and the adjacent Libbey Bowl amphitheater. With a highly engaged population of about 7,400 people, Ojai is known for its creative culture, environmental sensitivity, and spiritual focus. It is home to a wide array of festivals and events, distinctive Mission Revival architecture, tree-lined streets, Mediterranean climate, and striking views of the surrounding Topa Topa Mountains, and a focus on independent businesses. Ojai has a rich Chumash history, its name derived from the Chumash word ʼawha'y meaning "moon.” It’s a community that treasures and protects its unique character, draws visitors from near and far, and looks forward with a thoughtful approach to growth and change.

City of Ojai Map

City of Ojai Zoning Map